Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Violin recital

This year one of my dreams was fulfilled:  all of my children have now played the violin.  Granted, the first one only stuck it out the minimum of the 2 years I insisted upon (and continues to carry on about his dislike of those 2 years), and probably none of them will be considered prodigies, but I am thankful for the squeaks and squeals and twangs anyway.

This year, Rayna and Miles followed in the Frank family tradition of playing, "Go Tell Aunt Rhody" at their first real concert.  (Last year's didn't really count because they just played with a large group.)

This year they got their own billing on stage.... although Miles announced --right before he was to go up for his turn -- that he did NOT want to play a duet with Rayna.  He wanted to play by himself.  The only way I was able to hush him up was to promise that next year he would get his own solo.

Then Colsen, in his second real concert (having done "Go Tell Aunt Rhody" last year), played his solo:  "Perpetual Motion."  He was thrilled with the attention and would have wanted to play it several more times, or several other songs, if we would have let him.

 The concert ranged from the earliest of beginners up to some pretty impressive older students who played long, intricate pieces.  So we enjoyed the experience, and are thankful to have such a qualified teacher in our church and community.

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