Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cross-Country Cousin Time

It's been a big Cousin Week for us as our family has simultaneously been enjoying cousins in both South Dakota and North Carolina.

 In both cases, there has been a significant amount of climbing involved.

 Strider, Colsen, and 3 of the Boyer cousins have been traipsing through the Badlands and the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Miles, Rayna, and their cousins here -- and cousins of cousins -- have been scaling their own mountains:

There have also been some Creature Sightings in both states.

In South Dakota, the guys have spotted all kinds of animals, including Big Horn Sheep (which prompted Colsen to announce it was the Best Day of His Life), mountain goats, pronghorns, and these cute guys:

 Meanwhile here in wild North Carolina, we've spotted these Creatures:

And, finally, water has played a big role in the cousin interactions this week.

For Rayna, she has continued to have Tea Parties (here with Hannah) with plenty of water to drink...

 .... and the guys out West got socked by some mighty rainstorms one night and after 2 of their 3 tents collapsed, ended up moving to a hotel in the town of Wall, home to famous Wall Drug.

Thankful to be surrounded by cousins on all sides!

Regarding the photos: I've only been able to get a select few sent to me from the Western contingent, and the ones I've been taking here are lame because I'm using my iPad.

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