Sunday, June 8, 2014

Strider turns 14

This guy is now 14!

Since his actual birthday was to be spent in Minnesota, we celebrated a couple days early.  Aside from a couple special outings with us (Waffle House breakfast with Dad -- which I think is gross; shopping and Smoothie King with me), he chose to go with his cousin Ellie to "Adventure Landing" for the afternoon.

 I think they had fun!

Meanwhile, the younger siblings/cousins were here and we did some fun things together.  First, they wanted to do a math lesson!
No, really -- I did NOT make them do this!  They all wanted to learn/talk about how to do "borrowing" so we had a big subtraction lesson.

They also did outdoor things with a big sprinkler and made and ate some sugary foods.... but I have no pictures of those things.  But they really did them -- honest!

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