Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Great Western Adventure of 2014

The Adventurers are back and they brought 8 new t-shirts, 1 new rugged hat, 1 cool pair of earrings (for me!), 1 plastic snake, a bison bobblehead, a bunch of gemstones and mica, and 332 photos home with them.

As the primary blogger and record-keeper of the family, I feel the need to document every major turn and event of the trip, but as one who was not there, I am limited in my story-telling abilities.  So, I will let the pictures do their job, providing the thousand words they proverbially are worth.

Today's post will be the Minnesota Graduation Visit and the South Dakota Badlands chapters, and I will weed through the photos to just post the top 1%:

Krista graduated!
Strider turned 14!
3 Franks and 4 Boyers went to a town with a lot of Rabbits!

 Ok, that's enough of the headline-captions.

Then the group of 7 (Pete, Karen, Nate, Grace, Sam, Strider, and Colsen) hit the Badlands...

Bad guy in the Badlands

Glad Mom wasn't around to tell them to get down from there.

....And there.
.... And there.

The moon coming out.
The morning after their tents collapsed in major storms
 and they had to relocate to a hotel in Wall, SD.

They all got 5-cent coffee to perk them back up.

I plan to do a separate post all about the wild creatures they saw on their trip, but I will include their first encounter with animals here:

Despite the name, the Badlands ended up being a pretty Good place to be for a couple days!

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