Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Great Western Adventure: Wild Animal Edition

We interrupt the normal progression of days and pictures to bring you what brings great glee to Colsen's face:  all the pictures of the animals they encountered.  He has asked me to print out all of these pictures for him so he can put them in a book, which I suspect will now be his most prized possession.

Here are some of the creatures they saw in the wild, wild West:

Mule deer:
Bighorn Sheep:

Mountain Goats (who were shedding):

This kind of behavior looks oh so familiar
"Were you wanting to drive here?"

"Alright, alright, you can drive here."

Wild horse:
Unidentified Bird:
Another Unidentified Bird:

 A marmot:

Brown Trout:
(Colsen says, "It looks like it's domesticated because it has that thing on its neck, but it's NOT.  They're just trying to count them.)
Moose, with Elk in the background:

 An aggressive swan, and a gross snake (Western Yellow-Bellied Racer):

These wild things were also spotted along the way!

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