Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lovely (mis)-singing

As I type this, half of our family is out hiking in the Badlands, with views like this
Photo: Hello Badlands.

and this...

Photo: Good morning south Dakota and the Missouri river.

(I unabashedly stole these pictures from my sister-in-law's Facebook page!)

But the rest of us are still back here in the "Goodlands."

Since it's only half as loud as normal -- or probably even less, considering the synergistic effect my kids seem to have on one another -- I've been able to hear some sounds more clearly.

For example, both Miles and Rayna love to sing.  Their songs are wonderful to listen to.  But as I listen more closely, I am realizing that they have pretty skewed frames of theology.

Here are some of the lyrics I've heard lately:

"King of all days, you're so highly exhausted..."

"Bless the Lord, O my soul, O my soul, worship His holy name.  Sing like never before, O my soul.  I worship His holy name.... Still my soul will sing your praise unending.. Ten thousand days until the evening comes."

"Oh no, You never let go.  Over the town and everywhere."  (This one repeats 100 times.)

"Father, I adore You.  I live next door to you.  I accidentally shut the door on you."


"Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, How I wonder what You are.  Up above the world so high, Like a Diamond in the sky."

Maybe it's time to get out the ol' catechism and correct some of this misinformation!

Or at least the songbooks.

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