Wednesday, April 1, 2015

At least it's only for 1 day

Now that there are several jokesters in on the action, April Fool's Day keeps us all hopping.

Here are some of the things that were pulled off today:

  • I put some cereal and milk in bowls, added spoons, and then put them in the freezer last night.  This morning Pete gave the kids their cereal.  They were not amused when they couldn't get their spoons unstuck

  • Strider turned Colsen's shirt drawer upside down which Colsen didn't realize until he opened it
  • Strider changed my birthday to April 1 on Facebook, so I spent all morning explaining to well-wishers that it wasn't actually my birthday.
  •  Strider sent Pete a text from my phone, pretending to be me, which said, "Hey Babe, can you bring home some Ben and Jerry's for tonight?  Thanks.  And fruit cups."
  • Then Miles even figured out how to email from my phone and sent this message to Pete, complete with the subject line:
  • After our goading and prodding him, Pete put up this sign at his office copier, but doesn't think anyone was fooled:

  •  Colsen got Strider convinced that we were adopting a cat, which made Strider very upset.
  • The boys locked me in the office for awhile. (They looped a belt around the doorknobs several times.)
  • Strider thumped hard against a wall, then screamed, and we came to find him like this:

  • Rayna was not amused when Strider gave her a glass of water that actually had some white vinegar in it. 
  • Pete was not amused when Miles pulled the same stunt on him later.
  • Miles changed my calendar on the bulletin board from April to December, and thought he was so tricky.
  • Rayna, not quite getting the gist of all this, put a sign up on the freezer that said, "Stay out," and then laughed and told everyone "April Fool's!"

What we lack in quality, we sure make up for in quantity!  Now how long until bedtime??!?

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