Tuesday, April 7, 2015


To document Easter, I will talk about the whole Triduum -- primarily because I just want to use that word and be cool like the monks.

On Good Friday, Strider reminded me to make Hot Cross Buns, so we did, and shared them with friends who came over.  And we dyed eggs of course. And Miles set the table and was quite pleased with his work:

Then Pete and I went to a very solemn and serious Good Friday service -- and then Pete and his friend followed that up with some hangout time at a wine shop.  It seemed like a strange juxtaposition to me... but maybe it all fits.

On Saturday, our church's children's ministry hosted an Easter egg hunt which was a lot fun, despite the fact that we were in the midst of an Arctic blast apparently in a wind tunnel.

Then the big day, of course, was Sunday!

After church we all headed over to Mom and Dad's and spent the day in their backyard.

The kids were REALLY excited it was Easter!

 And so was Uncle Graham!

Then we gathered all the kids together for an egg hunt. Each egg had a puzzle piece inside, and they had to assemble the 100-piece puzzle before dessert!

They were slightly eager to start the hunt:
 Getting instructions....
 .... And GO!

(These pictures were taken by a couple different phones so the colors are all wacky!)

It was a great day.  We loved watching everyone arrive and find their peeps.  All the cousins enjoy being around each other so much!  And we adults kind of like each other, too.  :)

Thankful for a Savior that is alive today, and gives us all good things!  He is risen, indeed.

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