Monday, April 27, 2015

Recent conversations

At 8:15, Monday morning….

Colsen:  AARRRGHGGHGHGH!  I hate Mondays!  I don’t want to do any school work!  This is the worst day anyone could EVER have!!

Me:  I think a lot of people have much worse days.  Like people who have to dig ditches all day, for example.

Colsen:  I would MUCH rather dig a ditch all day than do SCHOOLWORK!

Me:  I don’t think so.

Colsen:  YES I WOULD!  Let me go dig ditches! Seriously, Mom!!

Me:  Well…. Ok.  Let’s go outside and I’ll find a place for you to dig.

Colsen:  Cool!!!

[We go outside, I find as inconspicuous a spot as I can near our fence-line where he can dig.  He eagerly gathers all kinds of tools.]

Me:  Are you sure you want to do this?  It’s going to be hard.  Do you really want to do it all day??

Colsen:  Yes!  I could do this for 10 hours, no problem!

At 8:40, Monday morning…

Colsen:  Mom?  I’m done.

Me:  Really?  That was only 25 minutes!

Colsen:  I know, but there are so many roots and it’s so muddy, and I’m just done.

Me: So is schoolwork really better than digging ditches all day??

Colsen:  YES!  I would much rather do schoolwork!

Thus ending one of my all-time favorite parenting moments.


Driving in the car...

Colsen:  When’s Daddy coming home tonight?

Me:  Around 5:30.

Miles:  So I’m assuming that means he’ll be eating dinner with us tonight?

Me:  Miles, is that the first time you’ve used the word, “assuming?”

Miles, (thinking I'm weird): What???

Me:  It’s just kind of a big word for a little guy.  I’ve never heard you use that word.

Miles, (now pretty annoyed at me):  Um, Mom…. Constipation???  That’s a much bigger word and I use THAT!

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