Friday, April 24, 2015

Notes from Rayna

Rayna LOVES writing cards or notes to people these days.  When our neighbor was in a nursing home facility, she was always making her cards, or paper link chains.  Sometimes, she uses one of my cards, usually one that has a pre-printed Happy Birthday message on it.... but she doesn't let that stand in the way of sending it on a non-birthday.

A few days ago she had been nagging me a lot about what we were going to have for dinner.  I told her we might have barbecue, so she kept trying to get me to confirm that with certainty.  Finally she was annoying me too much so I told her to go do something else.

She went and found a card and wrote it out to Pete.  I didn't know what it said until he opened it later.  Here was the message (on his non-birthday):

Happy Birthday!

Dear Daddy, I love you.  Are we having barbecue for dinner tonight?  Yes.  Love, Rayna

She also has started trying to send emails.  We have not taught her yet how to type, or use the computer really, but she tries to sneak online when we're not looking and access her email account.

This was a message Pete received recently.  (She hasn't figured out spacing yet... She used to just write all the words in a row without spaces, but now she realizes that's not right, so she puts a whole bunch of spaces between them!)

And then is one Strider received yesterday:

Rayna Frank

dear    strider       we      are      best         friends.     I         love     you         love        rayna.

What she lacks in capitalization and grammar, she sure makes up in sweetness!

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