Sunday, April 19, 2015

Karin (almost) turns 40

OLD is having a younger sibling turn 40.

Karin's 40th birthday is later this month, so to celebrate the sibs, spouses, and parents all got together for a little party.  She's always up for a good costume party, but we couldn't get her to nail down a theme this time around, so we came up with our own and didn't tell her:  everyone dressed as Karin.
All the Karins -- before Karin arrived
 Mom dressed as Karin when she was little, Katie dressed as Karin the bride, Graham came as Karin the Pizza Hut employee, Dad came as Karin the Accenture employee, James came as Home Appetit owner, Amy-K was the Pool Mom, and I dressed as Bradford administrator.  (And, may I just interject here, that as I was trying to juggle all of the blueprints, carpool tools, computers, phones, etc., I realized it's VERY tiring being Karin!)

In the weirder categories, Pete came as pregnant Karin, and Dan dressed as Vacation-Loving Karin.

Karin with all the Karins
We made her favorite desserts -- carrot cake and giant chocolate-chip cookie -- and tried to embarrass her with a song written about her (K-A-R-I-N was her name-O).  She didn't embarrass as easily as she used to, though, and handled all the attention and kind words with grace.

It was a fun evening.  And I'm glad she will soon join me Over the Hill!

 (Thanks to Amy-K for the pictures!)

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