Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Frank Family Conversation Awards for April 8, 2014

Here are some of the things that have been said in the last 24 hours around our house, and the award that I, as sole arbiter, think they deserve:

In the category of "Most Dramatic" (of course won by the teenager of the home):

“I just had the best moment of my life and the worst moment of my life – all at the same time!”

In the category of "'Oh, You're So Close...'":

Colsen to Strider: “I’m sorry I over-reacted, but after you took my fishing pole and broke my net and hurt me playing soccer, it was just the LAST HAY and I got mad.” 


In the category of "Nice Tries" we have two winners, both contributed by the youngest in the house:

1.)  “I want to be a martyr. If I don’t have to die.”

2. )  Miles sidled up to me and using his best bargaining voice said,
“Since I’m going to Nonna and Poppa’s tonight –“
“Actually,” I interrupted, “I’m sorry to say that’s been cancelled.  Are you very disappointed?  I’m sorry.”
What a crestfallen face he had.
So I said, “But how about if we go to Firehouse Subs tonight instead?”  (This was my plan all along – Kids eat free on Wednesdays.  J )
He brightened up and said, “YES!”
Then, without missing a beat, resumed his bargaining voice…
“Since we’re going to Firehouse Subs tonight… how about if I give you two options and YOU get to choose.  Either no violin practice or no school --- which one?”

In the category of "Most Confounding" we have this:

Rayna, while holding Colsen's bag of Easter candy and taunting him, singing, "What a mighty God we serve, what a mighty God we serve...."

And, finally, in the category of  "What???" we have this one:

Miles:  “Mom, how much of that (sweetened condensed milk) could I drink?”
Me:  “Just a little bit – too much would probably make you sick.”
Miles: “Like about the same amount as I could drink of my own blood?”
Me: "???"

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