Thursday, April 16, 2015

Our Horse-Lover

About 6 months ago Colsen started telling me that he NEEDED to start taking horse-back riding lessons because he had decided he loved horses.  I pretty much dismissed him because I didn't know anyone giving lessons, or where we could find a horse. 

But the very next week my sister-in-law mentioned that she had found someone to teach her daughter how to ride.  Colsen's ears pricked right up and so we pumped her for all the details.  It turned out the teacher was quite close by -- and a wonderful young woman (and I had met her mom before!).  So we signed Colsen up for lessons.

And he is IN LOVE.  Anyone who has talked to Colsen for longer than 5 seconds in the last few months will have heard alllll about the horse that he rides.  He has obtained all the books he can about horse care, and when he's not talking about horses, he's thinking about them.

This past week he started doing jumps on Cricket, so he's pretty thrilled about that, too.

 This past week when I came to pick him up he came galloping up the hill and around the bend.... but I didn't get the camera going until he trotted to a stop here....
Meanwhile he's also discovered the TV show Heartland on Netflix.... so it's pretty much all horses all the time around here!

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