Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter trip: Saturday

We had a wonderful trip up to the D.C. area this past weekend! John and Keiko graciously hosted us in their new house, and on Saturday and Sunday we went up to Annapolis to visit with Midshipman Andrew, as well as the Totta's and Grandpa and Gee-Gee. The weather could not have been better, nor the time of year, with all the trees blooming. Topped off with fun times with fun people -- it was a great weekend!

John and Keiko in front of their house:
Getting ready to head up to Annapolis... Right before we left, Colsen managed to knock the back of his head very hard against a piece of wood furniture, getting himself a pretty major, very bloody gash. So he sported this nice headwear for a few hours.
John and Keiko came along with us on our first day at Annapolis. It was cool having a former midshipman to tell us stories about the way "it once was." Hopefully he didn't give Andrew too many bad ideas about rappelling off buildings or anything like that.

Meeting up with Andrew and family... Getting ice cream.... And Strider getting the "scoop" from Andrew about how life really is there. (I crack myself up)
Beautiful trees!
Getting a brief tour of the Yard:
(You'll see me in the background of the picture above, doing the main activity that Pete and I did all weekend... scooping Miles back up and bringing him back to the group. He was a wild man, and not so content to be strapped in the stroller. See picture below for more evidence of his general squirminess)
Some group shots...
Current mid, and possibly future?

The craziness never ends! It was a great day... picnic lunch, ice cream in town, miles of walking (and plenty of walking Miles), a great dinner in town where we fortunately were near a TV tuned into the pre-game hoopla of the big showdowns that night, and a nice drive back to John and Keiko's. It was especially nice catching up with all the Totta's... it had been a looooong time!

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  1. Looks like a great trip! Bill's parents live in Annapolis and his Dad went to the Naval Academy...our boys are very impressed and 2 of the 3 have an interest. We'll see! Happy Easter.