Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter trip: Sunday

Easter was a beautiful day to celebrate in NoVa and Md!

After a service at John and Keiko's church, we headed back up to Annapolis. I made a few feeble attempts to get some family photos, but Miles was clearly experiencing the "need to climb" as soon as his feet hit the USNA Yard...

So, we did a lot of playing that day!
We met back up with Andrew, the Tottas, and Bud and Jane, and did some more exploring. One of the highlights was going into town and eating at a Crepe place. They made sandwiches out of the crepes, and then folded them into a shape you could carry around... it was very unique and tasty. We took our food down to the edge of the water for a make-shift picnic. Then we went back to the campus/Yard and walked around some more. It was so gorgeous out!

I'm very proud to say I'm related (by marriage... of course) to these gorgeous people! Rayna had a great time with her Gee-Gee all afternoon!
Then, that evening after we had dinner with John and Keiko back at their house, we finally pulled out the ol' Easter baskets and hid some eggs for the kids. Some of the eggs were the Resurrection Eggs that had items inside to tell the Easter story, and some just had some highly appreciated chocolate.
Alright, kids, Ready... Set...

The kids hunted and hunted through all 3 levels of the house, and eventually found most of the eggs.
As part of our housewarming gift for John and Keiko, we ended up leaving a few un-found eggs (for the life of us, we couldn't even remember where we had hidden them!) for them to discover at some later date. As we happily reminded them, at least these weren't the hard-boiled variety that we used to hide as kids!

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  1. Miles is so cute! I can't believe he's already toddling about! The family pictures are cute anyway! :-)