Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our little Gamer

Miles is in yet another fun stage... he loves to play all kinds of games. He tries to engage us in some kind of hiding/peekaboo activity several times a day, breaking out the full-blown laugh whenever he does. I love when he suddenly throws his hands over his eyes with a big grin, and waits for us to say, "Where's Miles?" or when he ducks his head behind something and then bursts out with a big yell.

He also likes to chuckle whenever he can do any sort of repetitive behavior that will get anyone's attention. Like the dog the kids wish we had, he is always up for a game of fetch. And he loves to copy funny faces or sounds... sticking out his tongue, or doing dramatic blinks (which my friend Alleyn says is a game called "Beautiful eyes" in the Filipino culture- - cute name!).

One of these days I'll try to get some video, but for now here are some pictures I took of him the other night before bedtime. He knew he was being sneaky trying to climb up the stairs before we caught him...

... and when he made it to the top, he thought he was hilarious.
Then he decided he could make swinging the gate into my face a fun game...

... and wanted me to keep playing with him when I was ready to stop. His voice and faces are so expressive when he's trying to tell us something!
Like, for instance, this face. There's no mistaking this message! (I have no idea why the colors in these photographs are all so different.... it drives me a little crazy that I don't know anything about photography or photo editing... and that I have no patience to figure it out.)

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