Saturday, April 17, 2010

Whack-A-Mole FAIL

Many times my whack-a-mole antics are so Miles-focused that I lose sight of some other key variables... Like this time.

Rayna and Colsen (a.k.a. Curious George and Dennis the Menace) were playing quietly upstairs recently... as it turned out, a little too quietly. When I came upstairs, I found this: The pictures really don't do the situation justice... They had taken out every single article of clothing from every single drawer in every single bedroom -- basically everything we wear that is not currently hanging in a closet. And it all was in a nice, and apparently comfortable, large mountain on the floor in Pete's and my bedroom.

In an unfair turn of events, this was discovered right as I was about to walk out the door for an evening of teaching/work. Poor Pete had to deal with it all when he got home from work. I have not seen him that frustrated in a very long time. He growled and growled about it before I left (happily skipping out the door knowing that having to do math problems all night was the way better deal), telling me over and over what a lot of work this was going to be to fix. And then he called me half an hour later to say it all again. Yep, he was pretty mad. I told him to tell the kids to fix it themselves.... but I guess that didn't work so well.

Moms have a tough job. I think we develop 360-degree vision pretty quickly, out of necessity. But in a 2-story house, we really need 720-degree vision I guess... or more finely honed hearing or something. I'm still in training!


  1. oh, i'm sorry too pete! but they are really cute mess makers!

    amy, i am passing on a blog award to you on my blog. you can choose to pass or play. it's totally up to you : ).

  2. Graham and I just finished a conversation about how you guys have to be in the hardest stage of parenting right now... by the looks of the last two posts, I think we were right! Y'all hold up remarkably well though - I guess God just knew you could handle a lot more than the rest of us :)