Monday, November 7, 2011

Colsen is 5! (And air show pics)

The big day finally arrived, after 2 days of partying!

As part of today's celebration, we went to the air show here at our local airport (right in Monroe!).  It was awesome!  There were planes doing tricks, parachuters, old-timey airplanes, battle scenes, and explosions that made our faces hot.  What else could you want?

It was fun having the Drescher's and Kai join us, too.

I think this post wouldn't be complete without any classic Colsen convo's, so here are 2 birthday-related ones from this week...

Me: So what do you want for your birthday breakfast?
Cole: A DONUT!
Me: Well.... ok. But I also want you to have something healthy.
Cole: I will! I'll have an onion donut and an egg donut.
(Obviously, we don't eat a lot of donuts around here)

On the night before his birthday...
Me:  What big day is it tomorrow??
Cole:  Your birthday.
Me:  Mine?!  I thought it was yours!
Cole:  I'm giving it to you.  I have to work tomorrow instead.

He's been a funny and sweet 4-year old... can't wait to see what he's like as a 5-year old! We love our Cole-man!

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