Tuesday, January 29, 2013

About the little guys

I thought I'd throw a few pictures of my rapidly-growing little boys on here.  They are at very fun ages, full of imagination and "teamwork," as they like to say.  As I'm typing this, I'm peering at a screen covered in black pencil marks, so at least one of them is still in a rather mischievous stage, as well.  And this morning when I went to get dressed I found my underwear drawer hand-cuffed to my sock drawer, and I suspect that maybe the other boy could be the mastermind behind that... 

But overall -- fun.
Spotting some mallards
Plumbing the depths -- Miles always has to go to the edge
Colsen and Branson using squirt guns to extinguish
candles at Kai's birthday party

Excited about another science experiment
A little recent story that shows the personalities of both boys:
I was getting ready to discipline Miles for something he had done wrong and Colsen was right there trying to cheer up his brother:

“This is good, Miles,” he said.  “Mommy is doing this so you don’t go to jail when you get bigger, and to help you grow!”
After the discipline was over, a dubious Miles looked straight in my face and declared, “That didn't make me grow at all.”

( I think he was hoping for at least a couple of inches.)

I love how he loves hugging, even when he's asleep!

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