Thursday, January 24, 2013

Back-filling the blog

I started this blog in late 2006, soon after Colsen was born.  Coincidentally, I stopped doing my Creative-Memories-esque scrapbooks right about that point.  So now we have photo scrapbooks for the years 1998-2006, and blog books from 2006-2012.

The kids love looking through the photo albums, but as they get older they also love hearing stories about the funny things they said or did when they were little.  Before I knew about blogging, I used to keep documents on my computer where I would write little anecdotes about what Strider or Rayna would do in any particular month...  So now I'm transferring those to this blog, so I can have them printed out in a blog book, too.

Tomorrow I hope to "publish" these files onto this site... which means if anyone reading this has this blog on their "Reader" or some other blog feed, I'm about to blow it up.  :(  I think I have over 30 new posts.  I'm sorry if this adds clutter to your e-life!  Should just be a one-time thing, though.   (And we can all be thankful that Pete talked me out of my first idea, which was to somehow try and add all of my scrapbook pages, too!)

Strider and Rayna have already started giggling about some of the goofy things I've read to them about when they were so little....  I will enjoy having those types of stories about all of my babies in one place now.

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