Friday, January 18, 2013

The world according to Miles

Miles is at one of my favorite ages (3.5) and  I love hearing how he processes things.  For example, he said this the other day:

"I have the hiccups.  Oh I know why!  Because my food is dancing!"

Recently he has been studying a number chart we have that goes up to 109, and now he apparently thinks that's the end of all the numbers.  So when he wants to say something is infinitely big, we hear things like,

"Look-- that sky is 109 high!"
"He can go all the way to 109!"

To go along with the word "read-y" that he coined earlier (as in, "I'm soooo read-y so I need you to read me a book"), he has now also introduced the word, "watchy."  And yes, it is often used in the following manner, "Mo-om, I'm super watchy, so I need to watch a show."

("Super" is also a word that he uses often.  He's never just tired or hungry.  He's always super hungry or super tired.)

He is nothing if not resourceful in getting what he wants.  Often this takes the form of increasing volume as his voice rises above the rest of the din, repeating himself endlessly until he gets what he wants.  But sometime it also manifests in his abilities to take matters into his own hands.

For instance, he somehow taught himself Pete's cell phone number, and how to work our home phone.  So now I often find out, after the fact, that he has called Pete to talk to him about some particular matter.  Such a grown-up little 3-year old!   And now the other day I came into the office to discover that he had been on my Facebook page and had figured out how to "chat" with Pete, who was out of town.  He somehow pulled up Pete's name, got to the dialogue box, and typed, "dad!"

Pete called me later to ask why he had gotten that message.

Milo clearly has a strong will in him, and seems to embody the cliche, "Where there's a will, there's a way."  Maybe he gets this from my side of the family since my siblings and I often heard, "Where there's a will, there's a Wray," while we were growing up.  :)   From looking at him, it doesn't appear he received much of my genetic material, but maybe there's some of it inside him after all....

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