Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas in mid-January

The Wray family gathered at last to exchange Christmas gifts this weekend.  There were no small amounts of food, wrapping paper, laughs, or meltdowns (mostly by the kids).  It felt a little weird to be celebrating on a 70+-degree day and so long after Christmas that we had forgotten what things we had originally wrapped up.  But it was all very nice, and both givers and receivers were able to be surprised!

Some of the highlights:
Presents for everyone!
Ready, Set, Open!
S explaining to Kai what his gift says
At last!  A remote-control helicopter just like they ALWAYS wanted!
Nonna and kids
"Walkie-Talkies I can do with Colsen!"
New apron from Karin
New chair from Pete -- just what he ALWAYS wanted!
Poppa and kids -- excited about more tools
Sage opening a gift from Miles
"I'll hug her, but I won't act happy about it."
Big gift for all the adults from Nonna and Poppa = Nights Out!
And from the White Elephant Exchange....

John's (who wasn't even there) "Sportsmanship Award"
"What in the world??  How embarrassing."
Merry Christmas everyone!

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