Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Recent science experiments

I saw this idea on Pinterest recently, and it is my favorite kind of science experiment because:

1.) It uses materials I already have in the house (for real -- not like the ones that say they only use household objects, but then expect that you have things like test tubes already on hand);

2.) It took no longer than 30 seconds to set up;

3.)  It took no longer than a few minutes to see something happening;

4.) There was an actual point to the experiment with a lesson that kids could actually understand;

and, most importantly,

5.) It WORKED!

Setting it up...
Capillary action at work....
"Yellow and blue make green!"

Strider has been doing his own experiments this year, and set up one recently that involved eggs breaking, so that's always fun:

Meanwhile, I've been conducting my own kind of experiment in the kitchen.  A friend told me about this "perpetual" broth-making method, so I tried it this past week.  After I roasted a chicken and took all the meat off, I put the rest of it into a crock pot and added some veggies and water.

 I left the crock pot on all week (I'm told it only costs about $.03/hour to keep it on), and the broth has been simmering away.  Each day I took out half of the liquid and we drank it or I froze it, and then I refilled the pot with water.  This kind of broth is supposed to be really healthy since it's getting all of the nutrients out of the bones.

Sure enough, at the end of the week, the bones were super-soft!

This is the kind of "science" the kids and I both like!

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