Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Seen and Heard...

Random scenes and conversations from recent days....

What should this caption be??

One morning at breakfast Colsen was trying to get into a deep theological discussion with Miles about what Jesus did for us.  So he asked, "Miles, what would have happened if Jesus didn't die for us on the cross?"
Miles, always matter-of-fact, answered, "He would have stayed alive."


The boys were in the bathroom giving each other funny hairstyles the other night (and drenching the whole sink area with water) when I overheard this conversation:
Miles:  Do that hairstyle to me.
Colsen:  Miles, I have to tell you some sad news.  Something sad.  See, when you were a baby, you actually had NO hair -- like Daddy.
Miles (very serious):  Oh.
Colsen:  And now your hair has grown but it's still not very much.  You have a litttttle less hair than me, so this hairstyle won't work for you.
Miles (still very serious):  Oh.
Colsen:  But we can do this...
And on they went, giggling again.


Pete was quizzing Strider on his geography homework and was trying to get him to talk about reservoirs.
Pete asked:  "What happens when a river gets dammed?"
Strider's reply:  "It goes to Hell.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"


Just now as I'm typing this, Colsen is behind me talking to himself.  I can't quite make out the whole story he's telling, but I did just hear him say, "And then you take the horse to the fiscal cliff...."

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  1. Amy, the stories of your children and the things they day and do have me rolling in the floor so often! What precious, fun kids you have!!