Friday, January 11, 2013


Last month we had to make our first visit to an ER for an injury -- first time in 12 years with children.  Colsen had a possible concussion, but ended up being fine.

Then last night, we made our second ever emergency visit -- this time with Miles.  While I was upstairs taking a shower, the boys were apparently rough-housing in the living room, and just after I had put conditioner in my hair, Strider came running up yelling, "MILES HURT HIS HEAD AND THERE'S TONS OF BLOOD AND IT'S REALLY BAD AND YOU NEED TO COME RIGHT NOW!"  (He apparently hit his head on the corner of a door.)

So I jumped out of the shower -- with the conditioner still in my hair -- and sure enough Miles had blood all over his shirt and pouring down his face.  His forehead was split wide open, so I instinctively pushed the 2 sides back together to stop the bleeding (and it worked!).  But there I was, in a towel, dripping water all over the place, stuck with my hands on his head.

Pete, of course, was not home.  I yelled for Strider to call him, and then after a few minutes yelled for Strider to come help me wrap up Colsen's head.  Thankfully, Strider had just learned a whole bunch of First Aid last week for GateWay and knew exactly what to do!  (The nurses later were impressed.)

I knew I had to figure out where to take Miles, rinse the conditioner out of my hair, get dressed, and get him to whatever medical facility we decided upon.  I just wasn't sure what the order of those things should be.  Again, Strider came to the rescue, saying he could find the number for Urgent Care and call them while I jumped back in the shower quickly.

A few minutes later, hair still sopping wet, I bundled a screaming Miles into the car.  He wasn't crying out of pain at this point, but was extremely resistant to the idea of going to a doctor's office or hospital, where he was convinced he would get shots.

And he looked so scared on that big white hospital bed once we got there.  (Pete met us there.) But we prayed with him and Pete told him to be brave, and he was.

Five stitches later, he was back home and soon fell asleep.

Today he was totally back to normal and we've had no further mishaps -- except for when he fell down the stairs while it was still dark this morning because the bandage had slipped and fallen over his eyes.  Pete and I awoke to some loud thumps on the stairs!

So Miles got hurt while I was in the shower and Pete wasn't home, which seemed like bad timing.  But last month Colsen got hurt 20 minutes before Mor-Mor (from New Jersey) was to arrive for her annual visit, and while the cleaning service was here to clean our house.  So he was moaning and nauseous and just wanted to lie down.... but we couldn't be in the house and we were trying to entertain company.  This was very bad timing as well!

But then again -- there's really no good timing for a head injury.  We're really hoping we're done with them for quite awhile!

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