Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Jinna Rai's first birthday party!

We're celebrating Jinna Rai's 8th birthday this week and she was soooooo excited to have a birthday party!  She had watched both Colsen and Miles have parties over the last 6 months, so she was more than thrilled when it was her turn.  

She's been patiently learning how the calendar works and when she heard it was almost May, she kept dancing around about how she would turn 8 on May 9th.  Then the countdown of days was ON all this past week.  She would say, "4 more days til my birthday party??  I so essited!"

Finally Sunday arrived -- and so did so many cousins!

Even Strider had to jump in on the games
Doggie, doggie, who stole your bone??

She and Kai have an extra-special bond, and he (and his mom) wrote her a sweet poem to go with her birthday gift.

Jinna loves wrapping up little things around the house for us to give us presents, so I knew she would love the opportunity to give her cousins some things.  We had bought a bunch of little souvenirs from China, so she was so excited to wrap them up and give them out at her party.

And then it was time for cake!  She specified in no uncertain terms that her cake must be all chocolate.

I think she liked it!

We are thankful for such a supportive family that surrounds our new daughter with joy and love!

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