Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wedding celebration for Wendy and Dean

In a story for the ages, my beautiful friend Wendy met the love of her life last year, got engaged last month, and got married 2 weeks ago!  Only their immediate families were invited to the wedding ceremony, but several friends wanted to celebrate, too, so we decided to host a "reception" for the newlyweds after their honeymoon.

<---- by="" miles="" p="" written=""> Rachel, Hayley, Suzanne and I had such fun planning out the party.  Dean, Wendy's new husband is a pilot, but also a gourmet chef, specializing in French cuisine, yet his favorite food happens to be.... a hot dog!  So we decided to do a casual cookout, featuring hot dogs and hamburgers.

We went a little fancier with the desserts, though.  Rachel and Hayley created "danishes" and I made some copycat Nothing Bundt Cakes.

 Afterwards the young folks turned the deck into a dance floor, which was awesome!

And Wendy and Dean danced their first dances as husband and wife!

 We were graced with a live performance of the hot new band, 50/50!

 There was even some sort of Irish dancing??

Happy new life together, Wendy and Dean!

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