Thursday, May 25, 2017

Other random items of note

 1.  The girls and I attended the Love Life Charlotte prayer walk in front of the abortion clinic this past Saturday.  What a powerful experience!  We saw spiritual warfare being played out right in front of us as protesters were gathered to protest US.  When our group started to sing, they would sing some random song ("Take me home, country roads..." not sure why??  I wish those roads HAD taken them home).  We heard later that 12 women decided against abortion that day!

2.  Colsen has been asking lately to go to "a fancy restaurant."  He wanted to go where there were real tablecloths and waiters and everything.  When a coupon arrived in the mail for a free entree at Ruth Chris Steakhouse (still can't stand that name), we knew exactly who should go!  Pete and Cole had a nice evening out.

3. Poplar Streams Academy is wrapping up the school year this week, so we decided to have "Backwards Day" yesterday.  We got up, put our clothes on backwards, walked backwards (for a little while anyway), had dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner, and did our school day in reverse order.  Miles was the one who got into it the most, even trying to talk backwards sometimes.

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