Monday, May 8, 2017

Wise guys

Me:  Miles, I hope you're going to pick up all these orange peels you are putting on the counter, and not make me do it.
Miles:  Mom, sometimes you have to do things you just don't want to do.
Me:  Miles!
Miles:  You know that you have to do hard things in life, right, Mom?


Strider:  The word "Chill-pill" is not good because it encourages kids to take drugs.  People shouldn't say, "Take a chill-pill" because they're telling people to take drugs.
Me:  Well.... I'm glad to hear you're taking a stand against drugs.
Strider:  Yep. The war against drugs just got stronger.
Me: Well that's good....
Strider:  ...  as Nancy Reagan would say.
Me;  I'm proud on so many levels.


Miles hit Colsen and then Colsen hit him back.
Miles, wailing on the floor clearly thought all of the blame should be put on Colsen:  "COLSEN!  Why do you always have to repay evil for evil???!!!"


Me: Miles, I KEEP telling you not to do that!  Now take your math book into your room and work on it!!
Miles:  Mom, maybe you need to be a little less feisty.
Me: ????
Miles:  You're being pretty feisty right now, you know, Mom.


Colsen:  ... Well, then, you ain't seen nothing yet.
Me:  If I ain't seen nothing, then that means I HAVE seen something.
Colsen:  Oh, Mom, you're from New York.  You don't know how to speak Southern!

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