Friday, May 19, 2017

Meeting Li'l Lillian

Our newest cousin/niece was born this week!  Such excitement rang through our house!

A debate ensued over who should be allowed to go with me to visit the new baby in the hospital -- everyone wanted to go.  Miles finally won the argument by saying that he had never had the opportunity to visit a brand new baby.  Then Jinna piped up and said she never had either.  So those 2 got to come.

This is what they did when we got to the hospital and I said "Put your arms around each other for a picture."

Li'l Lillian is so cute!!!  Katie and Graham looked great, too, and were very kind to put up with extra kids making noise and checking everything out.

Helping Graham compose his famous birth announcement
This was quite an education for Jinna Rai -- we're pretty sure she never knew before where babies come from.  She thinks it's all pretty cool, and seemed awfully pleased with her new cousin!

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