Monday, May 8, 2017


The days are flying by; it's my favorite time of the year!  We've had many things to celebrate and many random, fun moments.  I downloaded a few pics from my phone last night...

 The above picture is one of my dreams come true.  For years we've started many of our homeschool mornings with a chorus of "Circle Up Around the Throne" (by Chris Rice), and I always felt like someone was missing from our circle.  I love having Jinna Rai joining in now.

This picture was another dream come true.  The boys volunteered to wash all the dishes all by themselves one night.  The kitchen was a wreck by the time they finished, but I appreciated the desire and I see new horizons in our future.

We made a lot of cakes over the past 8 days -- 5 to be exact.  Here's another one of them:

The occasion this time was a dinner for several of Pete's students.  One of them was celebrating a birthday -- she was thrilled with her cake.  It was a fun group -- kids from Peru, Morocco, Germany, Belgium, and good ol' America.

Speaking of young folks being over, these girls came over for Cinco de Mayo/Hammer time (long story):

Love them!

Saturday was a day full of all kinds of excitement...

 In the evening, the older kids went to see a musical (Colsen was already in the car):
My teenagers!
 ..,. and the "twins" went with me to Target, where we had a great time.

Just a few snapshots and moments I want to remember!

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