Thursday, May 25, 2017

Wray Family Campout

Once again the gang assembled at Montreat Campground, and great fun was had by all, despite downpours, wimpy campers, cold temperatures, and boys wildly running around dangerous objects with dangerous objects.

I, of course, did not actually camp, but enjoyed all the benefits therein by just going for the day, the greatest benefit being the fact that other people watched my kids during the time I was not there.

This picture makes me laugh because one of my abandoned children is trying to casually act like he belongs in another family group, and the other abandoned child is nowhere to be found.

Oh, there he is:

So, a good time had by all -- by the full-time campers, and the part-time wimpy "day" campers! (Jinna Rai, Rayna and I all enjoyed some nights home in our beds after our mountain trekking.)

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