Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Missing our girl

It seems rare that Rayna is off having an adventure on her own... but tonight is one of those occasions. She is spending the night with Ava at Nonna and Poppa's house, and we're missing her!

For the last few weeks, she has been VERY attached to me.... she follows me everywhere I go, every time I go upstairs, every time I go back down. When I try to close a door between us, she stands right outside, questioning me incessantly about when I'm going to open it. So it's been weird this evening to not have my shadow with me.

When she's not here, there's no one to say to me, "We're the girls!" like she often does. And there's no one to make sure all the placemats are lined up straight, and the laundry folded properly. There's no one to keep us all on track with our daily schedule, or remind us of our plans. Colsen misses his straight man, and Strider his pawn. Miles might not miss being hauled in and out of rooms he doesn't want to go in, but I'm sure he does miss having her laugh and play with him.

And, most significantly, there's no one here running up to me for a giant, strong hug every couple of hours. The boys are just not as good at that.

Her smiling face is very missed tonight, but I'm sure she's having a ball at the grandparents'!

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