Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh this child.

Once again he has taken scissors to his hair... with this stellar, non-hide-able result.
This is the same child who just answered my question, "Where is the cup of juice that I gave you awhile ago?" with "Oh I spilled it all over the ottoman and floor." (which has now long since dried, I fear)

And the same child who I found, when I walked into the dining room, using four forks to fling his dinner all over his plate (and surrounding areas), declaring, "I'm a chef and I'm making you a dinner!"

And that was just in the last half-hour...


  1. how did i know this would be a colsen post from the title? :) aren't you so glad you are journaling all these moments? so rich. so funny!

  2. Oh boy! That kid! I know you weren't laughing at the time.....but it is funny. You know, from way over here in Georgia. It's really funny here!