Monday, March 24, 2014

45th Anniversary -- Surprise(s)!

Mom and Dad are celebrating 45 years of marriage this year, so while John and Keiko's family are in town this week, we had some parties!  First we had the surprise party in which we kids took Mom and Dad out for an adults-only dinner, and then the next day we had the large party that Mom and Dad threw for everyone.

Friday night was the big surprise.  We had surprised them for their 25th and 35th anniversaries, so even though they told us they didn't want us to do any more parties for them, we couldn't just let the tradition die!  John and Keiko told Mom and Dad they wanted to go out for dinner.... but when they arrived at the restaurant, the other 9 of us were there as well.

 I think they were surprised!

 Graham read aloud a poem we collectively wrote about the chapters of Mom and Dad's lives.
The happy couple!
Since the kids weren't there that night, we let them get in on the action the following night at the real anniversary party.  The idea we had was to let each granchild give them 3 flowers (except baby Elise), and the total would be 45 -- one for each year of marriage.

Well, as Keiko says, "in theory" this would have been beautiful.

In reality, it looked more like this chaos:

No one wanted to wait their turn so Nonna and Poppa were rushed with a jungle of flowers.

But it turned out pretty in the end at least!
45 flower stems for 45 years
Of course Mom and Dad were their usual generous and creative selves and used the occasion of their anniversary to turn around and bless all of US, so they planned some pretty great festivities for Saturday.  I'll write more about that tomorrow....

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