Sunday, March 16, 2014


Last night some of the Wray family represented at a Young Life "trivia night."  Each table was to come up with their own theme.  After some half-hearted attempts at creativity, we settled on a sort of social-media-hashtag-instagram-millenials theme.

We were significantly outclassed, though, as we soon realized.  Some people had really crazy set-ups and really awesome costumes.  And then there were these guys:
(Mom and Dad were at the Hillbilly/Duck Dynasty table!)

The winning theme was "KISS" -- they entered with pyrotechnics and everything.

It turned out we were outclassed in the trivia game as well.  Some Davidson college students almost ran away with the grand prize, but at the last minute the "Godfather" table won... which, now that I think about it, seems a little suspicious.

Anyway, it was the #funnest party I've been to in awhile, and now we have some really great t-shirts to put in a white elephant exchange someday!

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