Thursday, March 20, 2014

The annual St. Patrick's Day wearing of (and eating) green

 After about 27 of these kind of shots:

... I finally got one nice one of everyone looking at the camera.  Can't do much about the ripped pants and mismatched socks, but at least they're all wearing green.

During our school time the kids all acted out the story of St. Patrick.  Everyone wanted to be the Irish pirates, but we eventually got it sorted out.  We had fun, too, with the food for the day.  Green applesauce, kale smoothies (ok, I was the only one who thought that was fun), and other such things.

Pete was excited about dinner (corned beef and cabbage) that night.  I think my cooking has improved over the years.... although I once again cooked the meat too long.

This was the day after St. Patrick's Day:
I came in to find Miles just sitting at the table all by himself like this -- with a beer.  Maybe the cold and rainy weather is affecting all of us in weird ways.

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