Monday, March 3, 2014

Grandpa and Gee-Gee visit... and we don't do all that much

 Pete's sisters are really good at giving their out-of-town guests all kinds of unique experiences and taking them to cool restaurants and everything...  We, on the other hand, can never think of anything to do around here that costs less than $10/person and/or doesn't take include hours in the car.  There are plenty of good restaurants around, of course, but taking this crew out to eat is still not all that pleasurable, so we try not to subject the grandparents to that fiasco very often.

Thankfully, Bud and Jane were on their way through from Florida back to Ohio, so they arrived tanned and relaxed, and didn't seem to mind too much that we were boring and loud.  (Bud's hearing aids weren't working very well all weekend, so that might have helped.)

Our big adventures included this weekend:  installing stained-glass windows, walking to the neighborhood bakery, doing a little shopping, going to a park, and playing numerous games in the living room.  We are a lively bunch!

The new stained-glass windows were actually created by a good friend of Bud and Jane's.  We visited his home over the summer and then planned out a design for what we'd like in the space over our office doors.  So their arrival was something of a big event.  It took Pete and Bud most of the day to get them installed, but we love how they look!

The walk to the bakery was nice... although we surely didn't burn the amount of calories that we then consumed.

I don't have any other pictures -- other than the ones I posted about our park day yesterday -- but we had a fun visit together anyway!

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