Saturday, March 8, 2014

What does Sin smell like??

This year for Lent, inspired by Deb and some other women, I decided to bring in a couple more symbols to our house, to daily remind us all that we are in the season of repentance and reflection.  We already made our paper chain, I'm working on a wreath, and I thought a table centerpiece might be good as well.

When I went to the store to pick up some candles for the centerpiece, I did a double-take when I saw this label. Among all the other candles with scents like “lilac,” “vanilla,” and “clean laundry,” there was this one:  “Sin Aroma.”

It didn’t take me long (I promise!) to realize that was just the Spanish translation of “unscented,” but I decided to show it to my kids when I got home, knowing that they would be confused.

Sure enough, they predictably exclaimed, “These candles smell like SIN?”  “Let me smell!” and, “Oooooo, gross!  This smells terrible!”

Not content to leave it as a Spanish lesson, though, I talked to them about how sin does have a smell to God – and He hates it.  During Lent we can remember to continually repent of our foul-smelling awfulness, and be grateful that Jesus took our punishment for us.

I also talked to them about how we have a fragrance - -according to 2 Corinthians 2:14-15.  God is spreading his good aroma of knowledge through us, and to Him we smell really good, because we smell like Christ.

Now our “sin” candles are in place on the table, all surrounding our “Easter” candle.  (I know the traditional color of Lent is purple, but I couldn’t find a good purple candle.  I figure green can represent the New Life we have in Christ because He rose – right?)  I’m hoping that as we look at this centerpiece every meal for the rest of Lent, we will be reminded that sin stinks and we are so blessed to now smell good because of Jesus.

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