Monday, March 17, 2014

Animal Party

Colsen's GREATEST WISH lately has been to hold animals.  He asked me recently if he could have a party where someone would bring a bunch of animals for him to hold -- including snakes.  So you can imagine his great elation -- and shock -- when he got invited to his friend Nolan's party, and it was exactly that!

He was so thrilled the whole time...

And then he got to HOLD the animals!

Well, he couldn't exactly HOLD this 65-pounder.
 Colsen has now announced that he wants to be this guy and have this job when he grows up!

"Is something on my hat??"

 Ok, Mom, look away now... This was Colsen's favorite part of the day:

p.s.  Strider and Rayna attended a party just like this a few years ago, and Strider's favorite part was the same thing!

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