Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The other (real) anniversary party

Mom and Dad arranged to throw a big party for the family, in honor of their 45th.  So even though we should have been giving to them, they spent the whole day (and weeks leading up to it), creating fun ways for all of us to have a good time.  They rented out a clubhouse in the Dreschers' and Clarks' neighborhood for the evening, and also arranged for babysitters to come to their houses later on when the kids were ready for bed, so we adults could stay and play a little longer.

But first there were festivities for everyone:

No, no, no.... they weren't real margaritas, and he didn't really have beer.... but they did kind of act drunk all night...

The big highlight was a pinata for the kids.  I love this first picture with all the smiles in the background:

 And there were also plenty of games, sombreros, and rolls of toilet paper:

"They went that way, hombre."
 Another blessing was getting to see 4 generations all together.  Mor-Mor was a good sport all evening, jumping right in with all the fun!

 The cousins all enjoyed plenty of time together, too.  The boys were always up to something!

As Mom's signs pointed out, a lot has changed each decade in the life of our family.  Multiplication is a word that quickly comes to mind.

Happy 45th, Mom and Dad!  We had a great weekend!

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