Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I thought this day would never come

This week we're taking a couple of days off from school for a nicely-timed (weather-wise anyway) "spring" break.  Of course the first few hours of the "break" included things like the kids completely taking apart one of their beds so they could use the mattress to slide down the stairs, and, later, having to drag out a hose put away for the winter so I could hose off the kids' muddy bikes -- things like that.  Not exactly "break" activities for the Mama.

But after awhile we settled into a quieter routine, and yesterday morning I was shocked to realize that the majority of the kids were sitting in the living room doing handcrafts!  I've always wanted my kids to do handcrafts.  Strider insisted that he has made "thousands" of the woven potholder things in his lifetime, but really, it was about 2, and even those were finished under complete duress.  Rayna never has been one to sit and do things involving fine-motor skills for longer than 2 minutes, either.

But suddenly now on this day in 2014, Colsen wanted to learn how to knit, Rayna wanted to do some "sewing," and Miles wanted to make a potholder -- all at the same time!  I almost got teary.

p.s. In regards to Rayna's outfit:  I bought her a bunch of new clothes at a consignment sale this weekend and she has been methodically trying them all in a span of 2 days.  When this photo was taken, she had 3 shirts on... and nothing matched.

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