Sunday, March 2, 2014

First "spring" park day

Since the weather was so nice today, and we needed to soak up the sunshine quick before it gets all cold again tomorrow, we logically decided to spend the afternoon at the park.  Of course everyone else in the general vicinity had the same logical idea.

It was rather "crowded"...  but Pete and I laughed about how our concept of crowded parks has changed dramatically after experiencing some picnics in Moldova.  Today was nothing like that.  And, as Pete pointed out, at least everyone here was fully clothed.

So we enjoyed all the typical park activities...

Throwing bread at fowl in the water...

 .... climbing cool structures....

... picking up giant rocks...

...having conversations as we strolled....
"Mom, I'll give you 2 really good reasons
for why I'm your favorite child."
 ... and taking the obligatory photos.
3 generations of Frank guys

Grandpa, Gee-Gee, and the gang

It was a nice day with the grandparents!

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