Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Beach trip

We went back to Litchfield again this year -- love it there -- and it was a great long weekend.

Besides running into some friends from church (small world!), we also ran into a bunch of folks related to us:

This year Dad (Mom stayed home) and his 3 daughters and their families assembled.  We didn't invite the brothers.  (just kidding)

As always, the cousins had a lot of fun together!

VERY loud games of Clue!
VERY loud dance party!
"Push faster, kids!"
Uh oh, girls, watch out for that frisbee!
Oh wait -- actually, watch out for that jumping photobombing teenager!

I think we have hit the "sweet spot" for family vacations.  We all had a great time riding in the waves!

 And this momentous milestone happened....

.... for the first time, Strider is now faster than Pete.

Great family memories made at Litchfield-By-The-Sea!

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