Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Summer Party Weekend

All I know is it must be summer because we sure have been playing a LOT lately.  What is going on around here???  Guess we'll just enjoy it while we can.... because school is just around the corner!

Friday the kids were able to cash in their library reading charts for some free tickets to Sky Zone, so off we went to jump and jump and jump!
One of these clowns is too cool to act excited...

... But he's not too cool to love the jumping!

Addie kept climbing to the top of the wall!

Saturday, cousin Titus had a pirate-themed birthday party.  Graham and Katie win Best Kids' Birthday Party Ever Award, I think.  They had created a whole treasure map/hunt for the kids to go through, and they "walked the plank," lobbed water balloon cannonballs at each other, etc.

From there we drove up to cousin Linsey's house for the Party of the Summer.  She and Josh prepared an amazing day of feasting and wine tasting, along with boat rides and tubing for the kids.  It felt like a mini-vacation -- full of exotic and abundant food dishes!

Then Monday Mom and Dad rented a boat and we spent some time on Lake Norman tubing and swimming -- always a big hit!

Wait a minute... who let this guy drive the boat??

We are surely getting spoiled and we'll have to return to reality soon... but not just yet.

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