Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Strider's summer highlights

At the beginning of the summer Strider applied for a couple jobs, but was told he was too young, so he's been enjoying his last (hopefully) "free" summer by packing it full of all kinds of trips and activities.

First he went to Cherokee, NC with a group from our church to help with some construction and some day camp kind of stuff.

 He definitely left his mark there:

Then it was on to Ridge Haven camp, returning for his third year.  They played Quidditch (without the brooms) and some other games that were a lot of fun...

 .... and since it was a service camp, they also had plenty of time to work:

Next up was Youth Apologetics Camp, where he heard all kinds of fascinating speakers (including Norman Geisler), and spent many hours playing dodgeball:

Meanwhile, football practice has been in full swing for months now, 5 times a week.  So even when he's home, he's still out quite a bit.

Oh -- and he got braces!

It's been a good summer for Strider.  :)

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