Saturday, August 15, 2015

Rayna is a teenager!!

 Rayna woke up yesterday as a thirteen-year-old.... and promptly got mad at me for trying to take a picture of her while she was eating breakfast.  Taking pictures has never bothered her before.... some sort of teenage switch has been flipped!

But the rest of the day she was very cheerful and loved being celebrated.  Nonna took her out to do some shopping (which she LOVED), and for lunch.  Then some friends came over to play for the afternoon -- all GIRLS which was an unusual treat for Rayna!

After a steak dinner last night, we had the cupcakes she picked out -- Banana spice with chocolate frosting:

And then she and I attended a "Ladies Night Out" -- Rayna's first such occasion.  We went to Farmhouse Chic to make this frame for a photo from our Austrian vacation.  It was a lot of fun and Rayna was a good helper.

I love that we'll have this on our dining room wall to remind us of the day she turned 13!

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