Sunday, August 30, 2015


While my head has been spinning with all of the home renovations, school plans, and general day-to-day whack-a-moling, the kids continue to say and do funny, clever, interesting, sweet, fascinating, frustrating, foolish, messy, and ridiculous things.  I have neither time nor brain space to reflect or document all of these events and words, so here is just a quick sample.

Lately I've noticed that Colsen may have inherited a family trait -- that of mixing up words and phrases, sincerely believing the newly coined terms are correct.  (I will not name any names... but certain family members have a reputation for going to places like Walmart's, for example.)

This week I kept a running list of some of the things Colsen said -- always with great passion -- as he was going about his days.

Some Colsen-isms from the week:

"This is how I write the word in cursive lower-casely."

"Our coach says our jerseys are going to be Ebay Green.  You know --  like glow-in-the-dark.  What?  Oh yeah, you’re right – it’s Neon Green."

"We did an experiment and I got to see statical electricity with my own eyes!"

(Tasting a hot pepper) "It’s not that spicy.  Oh wait, yes it is!  It just takes a few seconds for the spicy oils to evolve in your mouth!"

(Annoyed, trying to get the vacuum to work properly) "My nerves are just getting on this vacuum!"

(Telling a story about a tornado) "The trees were getting outrooted!"

I love how this boy thinks and expresses himself.  Someday I hope he'll read this list and we'll laugh and laugh together.

(But I'll keep my eyes open next time.)

p.s. Colsen isn't the only one who has amused me with his phraseology this week.  Miles, apparently having heard some second-hand stories about what happened the day he was born, asked me yesterday, "Mom, what was it like when your belly watered?"

* Photo credits:  Kharis Photography

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