Sunday, August 28, 2011

Babies in college

Before Rayna was born, I made a little photo collage of some of her cousins' baby pictures.  It is still hanging in her room, above the changing table, which is now used by Miles. 

Yesterday as I was getting Milo dressed, we were looking at the pictures and I was particulary struck by the babies in the 4 pictures above.  Those cute little munchkins are now at Michigan Tech, Cornell University, University of North Dakota, and the Naval Academy!  (And one is engaged, for goodness sake!) 

It's certainly not a new concept that time goes fast... but at moments like this, it sure hits home for me.  I met these oldest nephews/niece when they were just little toddlers -- and now they're all taller than me (some of them by quite a bit!). 

I'm thankful for the front-row seat I have had watching them grow up!  We're very proud of all of them.

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