Thursday, August 11, 2011

Perfect day

Thanks to the kindness of my sisters and parents, I was able to disperse our kids across 3 houses for 2 nights, and then drive up to join Pete in Hendersonville, where he is teaching this week.
And yesterday was what we have now dubbed our Perfect Day.  It began when we chose to wake up, in a bed that we did not have to make.  We slid on downstairs for a terrific breakfast, during which we could have whatever we wanted, and someone else made it!  And we didn't have to do the dishes. 

Then we spent the bulk of the day hiking (at Chimney Rock, as previously mentioned), which we love to do, and had lunch on the beautiful patio of a charming lodge restaurant.  Then came one of the very best parts:  naps!  And we didn't even have to take shifts.

Afterwards, we woke, showered and dressed nicely, and headed out to the veranda for a wine and cheese hour, where we chatted with the owner and fellow guests at the B&B.  Eventually we strolled down the steps and down the block, perusing downtown Hendersonville's shops.  Our dinner choice was a Thai restaurant (excellent), and again we had no prep nor dishes to do.  To cap it all off, we enjoyed some coconut ice cream at Kilwin's, and slowly walked back to our room.  The end of this Perfect Day included some quiet time together -- and, of course, a movie in bed!  ("Duplicity" -- loved it.)

We had a small disagreement about how "fun" our time in Moldova is going to be -- as Pete casually mentioned, among other disturbing things, that we probably shouldn't drink the water there, (What?!?) --  but other than that "stimulating discussion," the day was full of relaxation and peacefulness.
If I could imagine a most perfect day with my husband -- that would have been it!

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